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The initial idea came to me, before I became a Financial Planner, when searching for straight forward, financial advice, for my family, from a series of Financial Advisors, many years ago. What I experienced, from these Financial Advisors, was a lack of their interest in discovering what my goals were, and great interest in selling me something. I was surprised.

That experience stayed with me, and I eventually decided to create a Firm that focused on uncovering the goals and dreams of my clients, first, then providing process and services, to assist them get to exactly where they wanted to go. Simply, to offer the type of process and service, I would want for myself or members of my family!

ADDUCCI FINANCIAL, LLC is an independent financial services firm located in Naperville, Illinois. I guide business owners in all areas of financial management. This includes tax-efficient wealth accumulation, Analysis and Benchmarking of current Company Sponsored Retirement Plans, Customization of Company Sponsored Retirement Plans, retirement planning, estate and gift planning and business exit strategies.

Planning is the cornerstone of the relationship with my clients. I invest the time, to understand both your goals and concerns.

The planning process I engage in, is not a once in a lifetime event. It is evolutionary, taking into account ongoing changes in your life, family, business, resources. It is customized to your objectives, priorities, concerns and values.

Client planning experience progresses through four distinct stages:

  • Discovery - To get clarity, on the future you really desire.
  • Planning - To know your current SCORE (where you are now, in relation to your goals), and create a customized written Financial Plan, that helps lead from where you are now, to the future you desire.
  • Solutions - To review alternative tactics available, leading to informed decision making;
  • Implementation – Create and implementing the action plan, until completed;
  • Monitoring – Revitalize your Plan regularly (minimum at Annual Financial Review) responding to life, business changes, and revise as needed.

We invested in and include the latest technology, that makes managing your financial life easier, better organized, and accessible 24 hours a day.

To learn how we can help you pursue your financial goals click on this link - WealthVision.

To scheduling an initial meeting, or learn more, please email me at:

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